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Listen to our Brisky Business webinar

Jamie Saunders
Posted by Jamie Saunders on 07/08/20 14:51

“Questions not to ask on a live webinar No.1…” Delighted to have held our first webinar (now renamed by popular demand to ‘Brisky Business’).


Aside from hearing what Jamie watches on Netflix (!) our thanks go to Marisa Murton from Solvlab Analytics for being our guest. We talked about the challenges setting up a small business and the hidden potential in the data that businesses - both small and large - can take advantage of to surface hidden insights.

Note, if you're using an Apple device to access this video, you may need to temporarily change a setting to view it. On your device, go to Settings, Safari and switch off 'Prevent Cross-Site Tracking'. Then reload this page and you should be able to play the video. Please remember to put that setting back on afterwards should you wish to. 


Let us know what you think and suggestions for the next one’s welcome. This series is all about helping small businesses to be more resilient.

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