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Listen to our Brisky Business webinar - Episode 2

Jamie Saunders
Posted by Jamie Saunders on 15/09/20 13:35

Things not to do in a cyber security webinar:  Leave your credit card in full view!


Apart from finding-out where James keeps his credit card, our big thanks go to Mostyn Thomas from Astrix and Doug Hazell from Bewica for being our guests to help us get under the skin of cyber crime and security.


In this episode we talk about the rise of cyber crime hitting small business since the onset of Covid-19 and the implications of more people working from home. We also discuss the practical things that can be done to keep our systems and people safe from cyber attacks and social engineering.



Here is a list of the 8 cyber security best practices for small to medium-size businesses from Cox BLUE that Mostyn recently shared.


Take a look at Brisk today for free and get your own security health-check on your website with a free detailed cyber report. The report also provides some practical changes to make it as secure as possible. We'll also alert you if your email address is compromised. Click the image below and get a free Brisk account in a few easy steps.


Brisk cyber score


Here's how to get in touch with Mostyn & Doug.

You can learn more about Bewica at or reach out to the team at 

Astrix are helping MSPs improve their security offerings is our speciality, take a look hereFeel free to connect with Mostyn directly on LinkedIn or drop him an email.  


Let us know what you think.  Suggestions for the next episodes also welcome. This series is all about helping small businesses to be more resilient, so tell us what you want us to cover!

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