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Cycle to work but protect your bicycle!

James Russell
Posted by James Russell on 06/08/20 09:51

It's cycle to work day today!

Cycling is great... but bike thieves aren't.  Here is a useful resource to help protect your bike.

We are cycling more and more, particularly with travel restrictions and health and safety measures in place, but theft is still a threat... According to crime data, 376,000 bicycles are stolen every year in the UK. This works out at about one bike stolen every 90 seconds!

If you cycle regularly or have employees who do, encourage them to join the Bike Register.  It's a National Police-approved database.  You can purchase marking kits that can help trace and recover stolen bikes.

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You can also check your local area to see crime hot-spots and follow them on Twitter to receive alerts. 

Remember these three important measures:

1. Prevent theft by securing your bike with a good lock 

2. Security mark it or apply a tracking tag to aid it's recovery if it is stolen or lost

3. Insure it!


Happy cycling and stay safe!

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