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Maintaining team contact and minimising the sense of social isolation

Jamie Saunders
Posted by Jamie Saunders on 23/06/20 08:28

Many people live alone; and many of them have had to ‘shield’ for 12 weeks meaning they are even more isolated than usual on top of potential anxiety about their health.


An ONS report recently found that working-age adults living alone were more likely to report loneliness both ‘often or always’ and over the last 7 days.  They will also have higher anxiety scores than the average adult.  The biggest single negative point people raised around working from home was the sense of isolation and missing the social interaction with their colleagues. We're social animals and need that contact!


What can leaders do?

Communicate - Communicate - Comunicate!

Get to know your people, be interested in them and their own situations. Karen Felton from CompassHR has these top tips for supporting your teams that are working remotely.


Monitor changes in behaviour 

A change in an individuals behaviour is not uncommon, especially if they are feeling isolated. Are they more quick tempered or less engaged? Having a conversation with them to understand what's going on with them and establish how they are feeling and what you can do to support can add real value. 


Monitoring employee absence

Are you tracking your employee's absence and have there been any increases in an individual's absence levels? Could this be an impact of social isolation?


Still using a spreadsheet to monitor time-off and absences? Give the automated time-off tracker in Brisk a try - we'll even send you an alert if someones absence going above the national average.

Brisk Time-off Tracker


Read our other article about potential anxiety about returning to work after lockdown and furlough and see other ways that you can support your people.


Blog article contributor - HR Professional, Karen Felton of CompassHR

Topics: People, Covid-19, Wellbeing

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