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Email spoofing, phishing attacks and top tips

As if businesses haven't got enough to contend with at the moment, it seems hackers and cyber criminals are doing...

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3 steps to protecting your business


Most businesses don't want to suffer a loss – even if they have insurance.  It's a hassle to resolve, distracts...

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Get some insurance advice!

Sometimes it's worth getting expert advice or just reassurance.  Here is a list of authorised insurance brokers who...

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What insurance do I need for a small business?

Whether it was the financial crash of 2008 that left many pensions in tatters, or the current disputes regarding...

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Do I need an insurance broker?

If you are finding it difficult to get insurance, or you're asking yourself, "Do I need business insurance?" or your...

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Do I need business insurance?

Insurance is often considered a 'grudge purchase'.  To others who have experienced the benefit of compensation or...

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Protection beyond Insurance

This is where it all (re)started. After the excitement and frenetic activity of launching a new business in 2019,...

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