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Changing the way small businesses are perceived by insurers

For too long, small businesses have had to tolerate one size fits all insurance policies that they buy once a year...

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What insurance should I have as a sole trader or freelancer?

As a sole trader or freelancer you probably don’t have the same benefits as an employee of a business.  Actually, ...

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How much should I pay for my business insurance?


You may be thinking that your insurance bill is just one of those annual costs that you need to take the hit on...

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3 steps to protecting your business


Most businesses don't want to suffer a loss – even if they have insurance.  It's a hassle to resolve, distracts...

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Get some insurance advice!

Sometimes it's worth getting expert advice or just reassurance.  Here is a list of authorised insurance brokers who...

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Do I need business insurance?

Insurance is often considered a 'grudge purchase'.  To others who have experienced the benefit of compensation or...

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