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Benefits for freelancers, sole-traders and small business employees

Jamie Saunders
Posted by Jamie Saunders on 05/06/20 15:23


Now, more than ever, we are living in uncertain times.  Supporting home-working and furloughed employees has definitely been front of mind for employers, but we believe freelancers, sole traders and small businesses should also get support as well! 

Here are some top-tips from Emma Mamo at Mind and some tools that might be useful.

Top tips:

1. Maintain a positive work/life balance and encourage your colleagues and associates to do the same 

2. Check in with team mates and associates regularly  

3. Establish new ways of working 

4. Create Wellness Action Plans to stay disciplined

5. Take advantage of technology 

6. Encourage yourself and your associates to use the support tools available 


But I'm too busy!

We know - not everyone has a dedicated 'HR Manager' to keep an eye on us.  And looking after our own wellbeing often gets pushed-aside by those urgent daily tasks...  But hang on, why shouldn't every working person have the support they need?  It shouldn't just be big companies who offer 'perks' and benefits.  So we've put together a collection of solutions in Brisk to help:


  • Time-off and absence tracking to help small teams stay connected and aware of where each on is and if someone is off sickBrisk Time-off Tracker
  • Wellbeing portal that provides access to online training, lifestyle discounts and a personal wellbeing coach where you can do self-assessments and receive action plansNew call-to-action
  • Financial protection from Insurer Amtrust with a short term income protection product

You can find out more here; take a free trial of the wellbeing tool and get an income protection quote in minutes.  Leave a comment below and let us know what else you'd like to see us bringing to sole-traders and small businesses.


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